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We provide a full range of services and prefer to be included in the project team from the earliest stage:


project management - construction

Coordinate designers, subcontractors, suppliers and workers. Ensure health and safety is applied. Manage risk with appropriate temporary works and ensure design is applied as per the construction drawings. Our expert project management team brings assurance, quality and financial control to our clients’ most ambitious projects.

structural analysis 

we engineer the architectural design of inspired architects for projects with a social impact and lengthy sustainability


Our aim is to work with good imaginative architects to create excellent buildings.

Projects vary from minor alterations and extensions, to major new buildings and refurbishment projects, using the most recent developments in materials and construction techniques. We have advised on the repair and restoration of many historic buildings. 

Our diverse project portfolio allows us to find the right solution for every project.

The goal of everything we do is to get things built. Our designs require a complete knowledge of how elements will be made and put together. We apply the technical engineering principles that underpin our profession creatively, to help architects and clients move their projects from concept to reality. 

Our clients are also considered our collaborators. They make the work we do possible. We, on the other hand, understand their commercial objectives and the risks that must be balanced to bring their projects to fruition successfully. 

As we move forward energetically, we embrace the challenge of each project, questioning assumptions and testing solutions until we find their bespoke optimal outcome.

We create simple and smart structural engineering, with a focus on minimising the complexities, and with attention on keeping the aesthetics and function as envisaged by our clients. Our designs' ultimate objecive is to assist on faster and easier construction, and keep costs within the project budget.

We deliver high standards of quality, clear drawings and concise and readable documents.

In addition with structural design, we can provide pre-planning feasibility studies and temporary works design.

architecture & design

we represent our clients and work with their teams of choice to guide them through participatory planning and realise outstanding results

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